Soft Magnetic Material

Metallic Sof t Magnetic Material

Metallic flat powder and metallic bonded magnet compound for molding

It is possible to produce by injection and extrusion molding by making metallic flat powder which Mate developed and resin as composite. It has high level of μ・L as resin composite material and can avoid crack or chip, or materializes new performance (flexibility). It is possible to control performance by combining metallic composition and resin for each application.


(1) Metallic material features higher saturation flux density than sintered soft ferrite.
(2) As it materializes high magnetic permeability by flat processed metallic powder, it can be used as replacement of sintered soft ferrite.
(3) As the feature of injection and extrusion molding, it is possible to make special shape which compression molding can't. Especially, injection molding can achieve high dimensional accuracy and 5/100 is possible to achieve.


Electromagnetic noise interference (CPU of electronic equipment, board, cable), electromagnetic wave absorption (body, connector), magnetic shield (RF-ID, IH equipment), magnetic core material(antenna, inductor, transformer etc).


Mobile Phone


Digital Camera


Molded Parts

Molded Parts


- Product catalog which includes details of wide variety of products and typical data.
- "Precaution to handle materials" which summarizes precautions to use.
- "Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)" which summarizes composition and safety of products.
Such kinds of literatures are prepared. Please contact us for details.

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