Quality Assurance Structure

For your troubleless production, we are committed to thorough inspections and evaluations in accordance with your requirements.
Under our ISO-compliant quality assurance system, we provide highly reliable products.

We also focus on environmental protection to ensure the non-use of hazardous substances and the elimination of environmentally hazardous substances.

Strength tester

BH curve tracer

ISO certification

Since obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 2000 and ISO 9001 certification in the following year, all of our employees, led by our in-house ISO Committee, have been working to maintain and improve our ISO management system.

[Scope of Application]

Our quality and environmental management system applies to our organization and business activities related to design, development, manufacturing, sales and related services as follows.

[Company Profile]

Company name: Mate Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office : 526-3 Saeki, Wake-machi, Wake-gun, Okayama, Japan

Business location :

  • Head office and factory (same as the head office)
  • Yonezawa Plant (328 Yonezawa, Wake-machi, Wake-gun, Okayama)
  • Mirai F. Mirai Plant (78-1 Saeki, Wake-machi, Wake-gun, Okayama)
  • Yatabe Plant (652-2, Shimo-Yatabe, Yonezawa, Wake-machi, Wake-gun, Okayama)

Business activities:

 1) Design and manufacture of functional fillers

 2) Design and manufacture of compounds using functional fillers

 3) Manufacture of molded products using compounds