High density materials
High density materials
We create high specific gravity materials with reduced environmental impact without the use of lead into compounds that can be injection-molded.

High density materials

Resin tungsten material

High density materials for injection molding

Mate’s high specific gravity material and resin tungsten DW series is a very heavy plastic that can be injection molded.

Injection molding can be used to produce complex shapes and inserts that require inertia and specific gravity.


1. Composite resin material with tungsten, specific gravity can be selected up to 13.5. (Lead is 11.3)

2. It can be molded using general-purpose injection molding machines

3. It is an environmentally friendly material with no lead hazard.


1. Specific gravity applications (vibration motors, inspection equipments, accelerometer fishing tackle, balancers, AR/VR devices, weights, model guns)

2. Inertial applications (flywheels, G sensors)

3. Texture and feel applications (enclosures, logos, water-based products)