About us


About us

Quality and Environmental Policy

1st of April, 2019
President & CEO
Shuji Akaiwa

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to be a company that continues to be the user’s choice.
To achieve this goal, we will use our unique composite technology to precisely meet users’ needs and provide new products that contribute to society and the environment.
We also recognize that our mission is to protect the environment in which people can live safely and healthily, and contribute to sustainable coexistence with the environment.


1. Basic Stance
We will continuously review our business activities, products, facilities, and technical services, and continuously improve our quality and environmental management system in order to meet the requirements of our users and to be an environmentally friendly company.

2. Compliance with laws, regulations, and other requirements
Comply with domestic and international trade, environmental, safety, and other legal requirements. This compliance also includes internal standards established by taking into account the requirements of users and other stakeholders as well as the demands of society.

3. Priority Items for Quality and Environmental Activities
In order to continuously improve our quality and environmental management system, we shall practice the following items.
(1) Always provide quality, price, delivery, and information that satisfy users with an awareness of quality improvement and enhancement.
(2) We will strive to prevent defects and user claims through improvement activities related to processes and their interactions.
(3) With a viewpoint of product life cycle, promote energy saving and recycling with creativity, effort and technology, and provide products and technologies that contribute to energy saving and recycling.
(4) We will strive to harmonize with our surroundings and protect the environment by preventing dust, odors, noise, water pollution, and other effects.
(5) Participate in greening activities and community activities related to environmental preservation, and strive to improve harmony with local people and society.
(6) Recognizing that chemical substances have a great impact on health, safety, and the environment, we will strive to protect the environment by preventing chemical pollution.

4. Establishment of Quality and Environmental Objectives
In order to achieve our quality and environmental policies, we will set quality and environmental targets and promote systematic improvement activities as a united company.
In addition, we will periodically review our quality and environmental targets and revise them as necessary.

5. Promotion of Education and Awareness
We will make our quality and environmental policies known to all employees, and enhance quality and environmental education to raise awareness of quality and environmental issues among all employees.

6. Promotion of Information Disclosure
We will actively disclose information and communicate with interested parties, including users, subcontractors, and local residents, and request their understanding and cooperation with this policy. This policy shall be publicly announced both internally and externally.

Measures for Conflict minerals problem

Mate is pushing for a ban on the use of “conflict minerals” (tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold, four minerals involved in inhumane acts of conflict, human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, abuse, and war crimes) produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries (nine countries including Rwanda) in Africa.We also promote the banning of the use of cobalt and natural mica originating from conflict zones and high-risk areas.

We use tungsten powder for our high specific gravity materials, but we ask our suppliers to address the issue of conflict minerals in our “Mate Procurement Guidelines” and conduct conflict mineral investigations, including confirmation of smelters of materials, and we do not use any tungsten powder originating from conflict areas.

Compliance with RoHS Directive

Mate is developing products that comply with the standard values of the revised RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU).

Compliance with the European REACH Regulation

For chemical substances exported to Europe at a rate of 1 ton/year or more, we ensure that REACH registration procedures are followed. In addition, we prepare SDSs and labels in accordance with CLP regulations.

As for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), we will check the status of laws and regulations as needed and respond appropriately.

Contained Chemical Substance Management

Mate manages chemical substances contained in products in reference to the “Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products” issued by JAMP (Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium), and is also available for environmental audits by various customers.

Contribution to commumity

Support for sport activities

Support for sport activities

We sponsor and support a local youth softball team.
Support for library

Support for library

We provide 10 to 15 new books every month to a local library
Clean up activity

Clean up activity

We do cleaning periodically in surrounding area.


We donate flower seedlings, fertilizers, and bulbs to local kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools every year.
Environmental essay

Environmental essay

Local elementary and junior high school students are invited to write environmental essays and posters as summer vacation assignments, and awards are given to the best entries in September.
Seminars and Lectures

Seminars and Lectures

We give lectures and etiquette workshops at schools and other institutions.
Foundation Activities

Foundation Activities

Through moral, intellectual, and physical education, we aim to open up the future and nurture world-class youth.