Functional composite materials

Functional composite materials” are materials that have been given functions that cannot be obtained by combining resins and fillers on their own.
They can be processed into any desired shape by injection molding, extrusion molding, etc., and can be used to make parts more functional, compact, and lightweight.


Our state-of-the-art functional composite materials are
used by leading companies in various industries around the world.


The performance required for next-generation automobiles and transportation equipment varies widely. Our material technology, which boasts the industry’s highest level of performance with a large degree of freedom in terms of shape and function, can meet these requirements.

Home appliances

Consumer electronics devices evolve with increasing convenience and economy. Our materials technology creates multifunctional, high-performance components and contributes to the creation of revolutionary new products.

Digital Precision Equipment

Digital components with higher definition and functionality. The highly functional composite materials we create will enable future IT technologies and contribute to the evolution of the information society.

Environment & Energy

Preservation of the global environment is now mankind’s greatest obligation. Our material technology reduces waste and creates clean energy, enabling both environmental protection and comfortable living.