High Specific Gravity Material

High Specific Gravity Material

High Specific Gravity Material


High Specific Gravity Material with Tungsten for injection molding

Mate's High Specific Gravity Material with Tungsten DW series is very heavy plastic which can be molded by injection molding. It is possible to make such parts by injection molding as inertia or specific gravity is required.

Please evaluate as one of candidates to replace lead. It is possible to mold as plastic parts which has metallic texture.


(1) Specific gravity can be selected up to 13.5 (Lead is 11.3).
(2) It can be molded by general-use injection molding machine.
(3) It is environmental friendly material without risk of lead harm.


Application which requires specific gravity (vibration motor, fishing device, balancer, weight, model gun), Application which requires inertia (flywheel, G sensor), Application which requires feeling or texture(body, logo mark, any products used near water).

Products/Molded Parts


Mobile Phone

Taketonbo(helicopter-like toy)

Model Gun


- Product catalog which includes details of wide variety of products and typical data.
- "Precaution to handle materials" which summarizes precautions to use.
- "Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)" which summarizes composition and safety of products.
Such kinds of literatures are prepared. Please contact us for details.

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