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Greeting of new president


As of 1st of April 2005, I have assumed the president of Mate Ltd.

Facing the progress of a rapid technical improvement and the globalization, our company has always accomplished the changes in the age.
Our company hangs "Contribution to the Society" to the first Management Concept.

We wish to contribute the energy and labor saving by the creation of high quality and performance material, and also provide the world environmental protection by the exclusion of the environmental burden material and offering the functional composite materials as environmental measures

Our mission is to keep offering the technology that has been cultivated until today, and the place in which it aims is; "The world only one Composite material company."

We think the growth of employee capability causes the growth of company. Therefore, we devote more of our energy to employee’s education for improvement the product quality as a matter of course of quality of work.

Such those founder’s spirit is importantly succeeded, we make continuously the best effort to solve the customer’s problem and keep challenging to be “development proposal type company” more than the past.

Humbly, please give continuing support and your kindness.

Note : The contents shown here is the one as of the date of announcement. Please be noted that It may be changed without notice.

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