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It was decided that 2009 Chugoku Region Quality Award – Challenge Category Challenge Award would be given to Mate Co., Ltd.


The letter dated April 14, 2010 under the name of the chairman of Chugoku Region Quality Award Committee arrived, which indicates that we write to inform you that it was decided in a unanimous to give your company “Chugoku Region Quality Award – Challenge Category Challenge Award” as the result from the impartial deliberation about award winner in Chugoku Region Quality Award Committee held on April 8, 2010 and it was officially decided that we won the award.

1.What is Chugoku Region Quality Award
“Chugoku Region Quality Award” was set up to commend such an organization as to be a model who promotes management innovation through activities to improve management quality, to share its way of thinking and the contents among the enterprises and the organizations in Chugoku Region and enhance competitiveness.

2.Content of commendation
There are “Excellence Category” and “Challenge Category”. ”Challenge Award” is given when attitude to approach to management quality improvement program and further improvement is expected, and when the criteria the committee decided is satisfied.

Since this award was set up in 2004, only two enterprises were awarded in the region and only one from Okayama Prefecture. Therefore, Mate is the second one. In 2009, three enterprises applied and Mate was only one to get “Challenge Award”.
Please refer to the home pages below for details.
◎Japan Quality Award home page : http://www.jqaward.org/
◎Chugoku Productivity Center : http://www.gr.energia.co.jp/cpcenter/shou/index.html

3.Future procedure
We will continue challenging to achieve four of basic principles by strengthening our activities by reorganization of ES Committee and CS Committee, by implementing proposals for improvement in the evaluation report of Chugoku Region Quality Award Committee and so on.

4.Commendation Ceremony
The ceremony will be held at 14:00 on June 7 (Mon.) 2010 in Hotel Century Hiroshima (Matoba-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City) and our president Mr. Akaiwa will participate.

Note : The contents shown here is the one as of the date of announcement. Please be noted that It may be changed without notice.

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