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About the development of the insulative thermally-conductive material


Utilizing the composite technology of organic and inorganic materials cultivated by bonded magnet technology, we are developing a material with heat dissipation but not electrically conductive (insulative). We are investigating composite materials choosing high heat resistant plastic for organic material which influences molding ability, or high heat dissipation ceramic for inorganic material. Especially, as for ceramic material, we use boron nitride (BN) with highest heat conductive ratio, or as for plastic, we use Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) resin which is widely used in automotive parts. Thus, we aim at high heat dissipation and high molding ability.

Boron nitride (BN) which has the highest thermal conductivity around insulation materials.

Type of filler Merit Demerit
Boron nitride High thermal conductivity
High cost
Shape anisotropic
Alumina type
Low cost
(wear problem)
Ferrite type
(Ni-Zn, Mn-Zn type)
Low cost
Relatively strong in wear
Low performance
High specific gravity
Other special
(Ceramics, metals, carbon material, etc)

Heat resistant resin "Polyphenylene Sulfide)" (PPS) focused in automotive application
It is very high thermal resistantt (deflection temperature under load). It excels in mechanical strength, stiffness, flame redundancy, electrical performance, dimensional stability and creep resistance. Especially, it excels in chemical strength. It is not affected by almost of all acids, alkali's and solvents except hot concentrated nitric acid.
It is also strong against hot water. Characteristic of filler s apt to appear. So, there are many kind of compounds which are given sliding performance, adhesive performance, conductivity, ultra precise molding ability, high thermal conductivity and .high shielding performance.

[Main application]
Electric and electronic components, Home appliance parts, Automotive parts, Mechanical parts (Chemical pump etc)

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