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Q1.I have never used bonded magnet. How can I do?
A1.We have molding support group in R&D division and can support you from design of tooling, selection of material, fixing molding condition, trial sample molding up to its evaluation. There is such system to meet customer's needs in short period. Please utilize it.
Q2.Is it possible to mold bonded magnet compound by normal injection molding machine?
A2.It is possible but screw and cylinder are easily worn out unless anti-wear screw and cylinder are used. In case of anisotropic material, it is necessary to assemble magnetic circuit in tooling to get magnetic orientation. There is magnetic field molding machine with coil embedded in tie-bar which can control magnetic field at injection molding.
Q3.I need molded sample now shown in the catalog.
A3.Those shown in the catalog are typical ones. Please contact us. We will propose suitable one. We can make custom grade material. We will aggressively correspond to customer's needs from improvement of current material up to development of new material.
Q4.Can you make molded samples?
A4.It is possible to make sample by cutting many of mother materials. Also, we can make a trial tooling in short period and make molded samples (chargeable).
Q5.Can you analyze material?
A5.We have wide variety of analyzing equipment like thermal analysis and SEM.
It is possible to analyze foreign particles in molded product and to identify resin (partly chargeable).
Q6.I want to measure magnetic force
A6.It is possible to measure radial and axial magnetism by magnet analyzer and
to introduce you magnetic measuring equipment makers.
Q7.Do you have any suggestion to use hybrid magnet?
A7.In case of hybrid magnet consists of anisotropic ferrite magnet and isotropic rare-earth magnet, it is necessary to make anisotropic ferrite magnet oriented. Also, it is necessary to magnetize isotropic rare-earth magnet afterwards. In case of hybrid magnet consists of anisotropic ferrite magnet and anisotropic rare-earth magnet, both of them are necessary.

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