Corporate Philosophy Approach to ISO

Company Motto

Seeking Truth

Management Concept

Contribution to Society, Satisfaction of Our Customers, Happiness of Our Employees.

Mate Charter

1. Thinking of our own growth

with a goal in mind, act with passion and obsession.

2. Thinking of cooperation with people

act with mutual trust with the company, customers, suppliers, colleagues and people from local community.

3. Thinking of customers' expansion

act with creative mind and technology by which consulted by customers.

4. Thinking about safety and health

aiming at pleasant working atmosphere, act aggressively for improvement.

5. Thinking about cheerful company climate

act with "report", "communication", "consultation" and "sounding" by respecting each other's individuality in frank working place.

6. Thinking of environmental change

taking change in advance, act with flexibility.

7. Thinking of Mate flying ahead to the world

act with global point of view.

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Quality and Environmental Policy of Mate Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2019
Mate Co., Ltd.
Shuji Akaiwa, President and Representative Director

[ Principle ]

We aim to be a company which is selected by the users and remains to be one.
To address this purpose, we will properly meet the needs of our users with our proprietary combination technology, and provide new products which will contribute to the society and the environment.
We will also contribute to sustainable coexistence with the environment with awareness that our mission is to protect the environment where people can live safely and in health.

[ Policies ]

  1. ≪Basic Attitude≫
    In order to satisfy the requirements of our users and become a company which is friendly to the global environment, we will constantly review our business activities, products, facilities and technical services and continue to improve our quality and environmental management system.
  2. ≪Compliance with legal and other requirements≫
    We will comply with Japanese and overseas legal requirements related to trade, environmental protection and safety.
    The requirements we should comply with include in-house rules that have been defined in consideration of requirements from interested parties, such as users, and requirements from society.
  3. ≪Key points for quality and environmental activities≫
    To improve our sustainable quality and environmental management system, we will put into practice the following measures.
    • ① Provide quality, price, delivery date and information which satisfy the users with constant awareness to better the quality and address improvements.
    • ② Work to prevent defects and user complaints through activities to improve the processes and their interactions.
    • ③ Keep on making efforts to save energy and to promote recycling throughout the life cycle of our products by making use of our ingenuity, effort, and technologies, and provide products and technologies which contribute to energy saving and recycling.
    • ④ Seek harmony with the surroundings and prevent the generation of dust, offensive odor, noise, and water pollution to protect the environment.
    • ⑤ Take part in greening activities and other regional environmental preservation activities to achieve more harmony with local residents and the community.
    • ⑥ Being aware of the great impacts of chemical substances on human health, safety and the environment, prevent contamination by chemical substances to protect the environment.
  4. ≪Setting quality and environmental targets≫
    We will set quality and environmental targets toward the achievement of our quality and environmental policy, and make a concerted effort to push ahead with improvement activities systematically.
    In addition, we will review the quality and environmental targets periodically to make adjustments if necessary.
  5. ≪Promoting education and awareness-raising activities≫
    We will make the quality and environmental policy known to everyone and provide enhanced quality and environmental educations to raise the quality and environmental awareness of all employees.
  6. ≪Promoting information disclosure≫
    We will disclose information proactively to interested parties, including users, contractors and local residents, and facilitate communication with them to seek understanding and cooperation to its environmental policy.
    The environmental policy will be made known publicly both within the company and to the outside.

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