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Awarded "41st Okayama Prefecture Miki Memorial Grant"


Mate was awarded very honorable 'Okayama Prefecture Miki Memorial Grant" this time. All of Mate employees were surprised by such sudden award and filled with great pleasure. We live up to the award and brace ourselves for our activities, and aim at growing such company as to contribute to the society further more.

[Reason of award - From Okayama Prefecture -]
"Mate Co., Ltd. , as the specialized maker of plastic magnet, has aggressively challenged to develop new material applying its core technology, is proud of the top share in the world as R&D type company ahead of the era and develop the brand-new functional materials.
Also, Mate contributes to conserve the environment through reduction of wastes and materializing clean energy by the development aiming at closed recycling of loss materials at molding and the development of high specific gravity materials using lower load material to the environment.
Mate contributes to the growth of scientific technologies and revitalization of local industries by establishment of high level production technology through its unique and hi-tech research and development.

[About Miki Memorial Award]
The former governor of Okayama Prefecture, Mr.Yukiharu Miki, was awarded Magsaysay Prize in Philippine as first Japanese in 1964.
which is called as Asian Nobel Prize. Upon receipt of the prize, he said "This award is the result from the all of Okayama Prefecture people and it should not be my own. I want to utilize it to growth of this region and building the spirit of public service.", and donated to the prefecture. Miki Memorial Award was originated by this fund.
Mr.Mki suddenly passed away on September 21 in the same year.
In order to praise his personality with full of human love and his achievement for long term, Okayama Prefecture established the award system as Miki Memorial Award and Grant in 1965 by adding the donation from Okayama People on his fund, and commend those persons who contribute to the development of the region from industrial or cultural activities.

Note : The contents shown here is the one as of the date of announcement. Please be noted that It may be changed without notice.

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